Project name:

We Speak The Gorge

Project description:

The Gorge is packed with opportunities in wind and water sports, arts and culture, and so much more. We Speak The Gorge is a unique front-line training that increases the awareness of visitor services and resources throughout the Gorge in fields like agritourism, beer and wine, and trail recreation.

The goal is to have all front-line staff throughout the Gorge speaking the same language and communicating the best parts of each community to all visitors they meet.  It is all about best serving our visitors while growing our sense of community and strengthening the bonds between neighbors.

  • Strengthens the tourism economy Gorge-wide
  • Increases community awareness and knowledge of local and regional tourism experiences
  • Offers an exceptional visitor experience
  • Develops community pride
  • Increases awareness of visitor needs and attractions
  • Develops an understanding of visitor information services and resources
  • Creates an inventory of local tourism ambassadors