Annual Network Planning Meeting

On November 17th, we met in person for the first time in 3 years to reconnect and stretch beyond our silos to strengthen sustainable visitation in the region.

After the updates and celebrations, we split into Action Areas (outdoor rec, agritourim/culinary, car free, and culture – welcomability and visitor dispersion woven through) to brainstorm project ideas for the upcoming year. 

Here is the project ranking for 2023:

  • Virtual Trails (12 Star/ 4 checks)
    • Videos of lesser used trails to disperse and experience recreational trails. Addresses accessibility, parents with smaller children, welcomability
  • Welcomability Rating for Trails (9 Star/ 2 checks)
    • Survey at each trailhead (via QR code) to capture hikers’ experiences, sense of safety, as well as accessible experience. 
  • Centralized Info For Gorge Transit (7 Stars/ 5 checks)
    • One-stop shop for transportation Information for all Gorge destinations.
  • One Transit Entity/Body to Rule Them All (7 Stars/ 3 checks) 
    • One decision-making body for transportation throughout the Gorge.
  • Gorge Restaurant Week (6 Stars/ 2 checks)
  • Stronger Collaboration with Food Systems Networks Partners (5 Stars/ 6 checks)
  • Hot Farmer & Baby Animal Calendar (3 Stars/ 9 checks)
  • Food Trail Fams (3 Stars/ 4 checks)
  • Gorge Museum Pass (3 Star/ 7 checks) 
    • Shared admission pass with revenue split
  • Cultural Tourism Packages (1 Star/ 7 checks) 
    • Inclusive package of experiences:hotel, museum, food